01/27/2019 Togo Graduation

The Togo graduation took place today, and now, after a final meal with our host Sika and our Translator Donald, along with their wives, we are awaiting our flight to Paris and then home.  It has been a long two weeks, but I am thankful for what we have seen accomplished in both Liberia and Togo.  We had a graduation class today of 62 pastors who completed the course requirements for Homiletics I.

Togo is a unique country and much different in many ways than Liberia.  The government here is a dictatorship, and the repression here  has resulted in a very “tired” country in terms of outlook.  The taxation is oppressive, the costs are high everywhere you go, and jobs are few.  I would not be surprised to see continual unrest as we plan return classrooms later this year.

Please pray for our hosts Sika and Donald as they attempt to provide thoughtful leadership for the many pastors here who can hardly live normal lives because of the lack of financial means.  We are thankful that we can play a small but meaningful role in assisting them in their theological education.  Pastor Greg excited them this week with the offer of helping many of them begin new churches in 2020.  This is the future Togo must realize for national transformation and growth.  Togo is plagued by systemic poverty and corruption from the top of the head to the sole of the foot in this country.  Without the positive influence of Godly men and woman of faith, the future would surely be bleak.

Tonight, as we await our plane, I’m reminded of the millions who are trapped here by the corruption and Satanic influence they have lived with all their lives.  Many towns and villages fly a flag indicating they belong to Satan. Even private homes fly this flag.   Let’s pray that God will somehow give them a chance to break free.  We know, of course, that spiritual freedom is the greatest first step in that direction, and we can also pray that political liberty may come some day if God permits.

On our way home,


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