02/18/2019 Greetings from the Land of Judson

Everyone has arrived.  Saturday night Pete and Marta got in to Yangon just before midnight.  Tibi had arrived a little earlier and had settled into an ABB about fifteen minutes from our hotel.

This morning we all had breakfast together at the hotel, and then Luke picked us up for this morning’s worship service.  Several of the children’s groups sang, and we were all introduced.  I brought the message about faith, and Pastor Luke’s brother-in-law Michael interpreted.  He did a great job communicating the Word this morning.  I am always amazed at how a translator is able to elevate the service just by doing a good job!  Dr. Mung said afterwards that the message was just what they needed, and,of course, only God knows what His people need and at what time.
After the service we were invited upstairs for a luncheon including soup, fish, chicken, and of course, RICE!  Rice is eaten at every meal in Myanmar in some fashion.  We had a great time of conversation and sharing stories.  It is incredible how you can travel to the other side of the world and spend time with people who are so different and yet so spiritually close.  It is really like being with family every time.
The amazing truth of Christianity is that when you meet another believer, it is just like you have known them forever.  Color, ethnicity, and gender make no difference when you have Christ in common.  In fact Heaven is going to be the place where every tribe, nation, and people will celebrate and worship in unison the Savior of the world…Jesus Christ, who died to set us all free from the penalty of sin, and make us one!  We saw a glimpse of that in church this morning!
Hope you enjoy the pics of today and stay tuned for updates from Judson’s land throughout the week!

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