07/11/2019 Double the Blessing in Rwanda

This week’s classes in Rwanda are almost completed.   The blessing of this amazing class of nations pastors has been doubled this week in many ways.  First, Dr. Larry Bazer has again joined Bruce in teaching.   So, the pastors get double the blessing in teachers!
Because of Dr.Bazer teaching alongside “Dr. Bruce,” as the nationals almost all affectionately call him (Snavely is difficult to pronounce for native English speakers!), the pastors also get double the blessing in course content.  Dr. Bazer is teaching Old Testament survey in the mornings and Dr. Bruce is teaching Baptist History in the afternoons. This same format will be used next week for classes in Uganda!   This was a trial to see how the pastors could handle the large amount of material.  Apparently, they are working hard and loving and absorbing every bit!
Finally, it is a double blessing because we have a second translator, Samson, joining our GBTF team in Rwanda. Bruce says he has done an excellent job.   Fidele has translated in the mornings and Samson in the afternoons!   Fidele is now a trainer for GBTF.  We are raising monthly support for him, and Dr. Bazer launched a campaign to raise $5000 to get him a reliable vehicle.
Thank you for being part of the amazing ministry of training nationals!
Bruce and Grace Snavely
Global Baptist Training Foundation
Rwanda Class July 2019
Shinga Fidele, GBTF Trainer In East Africa

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