07/12/2019 GBTF Flourishing in Rwanda

The teaching week has flown by once again and, by this time tomorrow, we will be safely settled on the compound in Entebbe, Uganda, preparing for another week of study.  This week could not have been much better.  We accomplished all our goals, got all the material covered, and graduated 49 pastor-students early this afternoon.

The unknown issue this week was whether or not the men could hold up under the pressure of completing the two classes this week.  The days were longer, the quizzes were more numerous, and the sheer amount of material was extensive.  But when the question was posed to the group on whether they wanted to continue in October with two courses they unanimously shouted yes!

I want to thank all the great GBTF supporters who pray or give to make this global ministry possible.  Weeks like the one we just had remind me that none of this is possible without a good team with common goals and a common vision.  Let me ask that you continue to pray for us as we head to Uganda for next week.
God has been and continues to be our faithful God and Father in all things.  I ask that you will keep us in prayer this week and remember the great needs of these impoverished pastors and their families.  They don’t complain, at least not in front of us, and we have grown close to nearly all of them over the years.
 I have a few stories of them I will share next week and I will include a  few Ugandan pastors as well.
Stay tuned for next week!
Passing the Mantle to Fidele:


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