09/09/2019 Liberian Pastor Training and Church Planting

Bruce is in Liberia again.   Next week, a group of about 70 pastors will complete level one training.   The following week, a group of almost as many new pastors, many of them new church planters, will begin the first course of level one.  There is actually demand now for a third class in the capitol city of Monrovia.  Liberia is an exciting place for the gospel!  We are so thankful for our partnership with AdVANCE that has funded the planting of over 100 new churches in the past 18 months.  This is unheard of!   And every one of these churches is growing and thriving.
In fact, just this morning Bruce preached in Kakata in one of the church plants that is now one year old.  There were 124 people present this morning.  Four young people became believers in Christ this morning, and the church came together after lunch to celebrate the Lord’s Table for the first time.
We are excited to share the next two weeks with you!  Fidele has flown from Rwanda and will be teaching part of the second class.   It is all exciting!   When you equip the nationals, they reach their people for Christ and disciple them!
Video:  Worship in Liberia:

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