09/15/2019 GBTF Has Largest Graduation to Date – LIBERIA

The largest graduation class to date happened in Gbarnga, Liberia, this past Friday. We had over seventy-eight graduates in both Evangelism and Level One. Level one is the completion of seven full courses. When we come back in January, we will offer this same group their first level two course: Church Administration.

There are several very exciting trends I have observed in this classroom which give cause for real encouragement. First, they are passionate about starting churches. The men from the north are wanting to have fifty started by December of 2021. The new class in Monrovia which will begin in January is going to be involved in reaching the great goal of 500 new churches by the end of 2021.

The second primary trend that is an encouragement is the personal growth evident among the pastors themselves. I can see the maturity levels rising in each successive class. I’m praying that they will really catch fire in the area of reproducing themselves in their churches by training others. Time will tell, but these initial stages are very promising. I hope you will pray for each of them and even consider sponsoring one of them for twenty dollars a month.

Fidele and I taught and preached in the church of our host, Pastor James Togba, this morning, and we will rest this afternoon for the up-coming classroom in Buchanan all this next week. Grateful for all God is doing here!



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